The company “Heliant” was visited by representatives of Fortune magazine, the famous American multinational business magazine, as part of their on a special publication dedicated to Serbia and its most successful companies, among which they included the company “Heliant”.


Luka Martinović, the director of Fortune magazine’s project on Serbia, and the project coordinators, Praskovia Kokoreva and Eleonora Shuli, visited the company “Heliant” and spoke with the company representative, Vukašin Radulović.

Martinović says for portal that they decided to include the company “Heliant” among the most successful companies in Serbia, since they researched our market and talked with representatives of ministries and other state authorities.

“We learned a lot about what and how the company “Heliant” operates by researching the market and your company, but we were also given strong recommendations before we finally decided to include it on our list,” explains Martinović.

He adds that the interview with the “Heliant” representatives was the longest they have ever done, and even so, as emphasized by the director of the Fortune project, it turned out to be a pleasant and inspiring meeting.

“We believe that what the company “Heliant” is doing is very interesting and very significant, because it contributes a lot to Serbia socio-economically,” Martinović points out.

The representatives of Fortune magazine were very much interested in learning about the establishment of the company “Heliant”, they inquired in detail about various projects – from information systems for healthcare facilities to applications and various innovations that the company had been introducing during the digitization of healthcare in Serbia and the region.

What he was particularly interested in was the fact that as many as 84 percent of healthcare facilities used the information systems Heliant, Infolab LIS and Moneo, about which Fortune magazine representatives were informed in detail.

According to Martinović, they were especially inspired by the Telemedicine project, which brought great benefits to all users.

“Through that project, Heliant made the work of hospitals, doctors and patients easier. The application provides people with many benefits by spending significantly less time in the waiting rooms of healthcare facilitiesand in uncomfortable situations,” Martinović points out, adding that he was also interested in the Company’s expansion plans in Serbia and the region.

Fortune magazine’s project on Serbia is part of the Connecting Nations Creative Prosperity initiative. As part of their work within the initiative, the representatives travel to countries whose economies are developing successfully, tending to promote them as the best destinations for partnerships and investments.

“We aim at presenting some of the most successful companies or individuals, the most interesting stories that have led to the success of companies and individuals from the country and the region,” says Luka Martinović, a representative of the magazine known worldwide for its rankings of the best companies or businesses, such as the Fortune Global 500, Fortune 1000, 100 Best Companies to Work For, etc.