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About Us

Heliant d.o.o. is a Software company that develops specialised software solutions and provides consulting services in the field of information and communication technologies. Heliant was founded in Belgrade in 2013 by a group of experts with many years of experience working on projects of developing specialised software solutions for clients from the country and abroad.

Customer satisfaction is a measure of our success, with the application of the best working methodologies and the building of long-term partnerships, it forms the basis of our business philosophy. Currently, we have more than 100 dedicated, team-based associates, who contribute to the development of recognisable quality and better practices of business on a daily basis.

Today we are competitive and recognisable on the market because we offer stable solutions of consistent quality. We believe that the basis of good cooperation is communication, and in that sense, we strive to integrate users into every step of development, creating innovative solutions with the imperative of ease of use, regardless of the complexity of the business process.

Our best recommendation is 40,000 end users from the public and private sector, whose daily operations are simpler and more efficient, thanks to our software solutions. Thanks to the large number of successfully implemented projects, professional staff and recognisable quality, today we are recognised as a reliable partner in the market of specialised solutions in the field of ICT technologies.


Our long-term goal is to be regionally recognisable as the leading partner for the development of specialised software solutions and projects.


By engaging software and systems design engineers, experts in the implementation of information systems and consultants, by using innovative technological practices we develop unique software solutions, guided by the principle that customer satisfaction is the measure of our success.

We believe that the foundation of our previous and future success is to invest in the development of young professionals, personal and professional development of employees, open and transparent communication with business associates, and on that ground we build our long-term partnerships.

True commitment to excellence in the development of better practices and higher standards of business enables us to develop as business associates, as partners and as a company that contributes to the development of the information society in the country and the region.

The team

The basis of every success is the knowledge of the people who build it.

Our team consists of experienced experts who have successfully implemented a great number of projects and who have significant results in the field of development of new business practices.

We believe that investing in personal and professional development of employees, as well as engaging capable and motivated people is the key to accomplishment of our business goals. The practice of engaging young professionals is particularly important to us.

Legal info about Heliant d.o.o.

Registered company name:
Preduzeće za projektovanje i izradu informacionih sistema i računarskih mreža
Heliant d.o.o. Beograd

Identification number: 21004375

PIB: 108461847

Address: Makenzijeva 24 V, 11000 Belgrade – Serbia