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The Customer Support is available every day. The working hours of the Customer Support Service and Contact Details may be found in the option Support.

The business information system Heliant Moneo is accessed via user accounts. Each user is assigned personal user name and access password, and within the setting of the user account it is defined which documents can be accessed by the user and which information can be changed.

  • In the business information system Heliant Moneo, the information is deleted only logically. Except for the fact that the deletion action is recorded as per date and time of deletion as well as per the user account from which the information is deleted, each deleted information can be reinstated into an active status.

The basic setting of the business information system include the transfer, and/or import of the data from the existing code books used in work, as well as the import of the existing inventory and material, financial, personnel and accounting data.

The work stations that will be using Heliant Moneo need Windows operating systems. Moneo server supports both Windows and Linux platforms.

The integrated system implies the connection of all business processes within your institution. This means that each piece of information is entered in the Moneo only once, after which it will be automatically transferred into all related documents. Once entered, data is currently visible to all users of the system, which primarily reduces the possibility of making errors and then significantly saves time.

Heliant Moneo supports the export of data in XML, TXT, PDF and EXCEL formats, as well as automated sending of reports by e-mail.

Heliant Moneo supports automatic uploading of suppliers’ invoices-dispatch notes.

Heliant Moneo supports all types of payroll and fee accounting.

Posting orders are created automatically, based on the documents existing in the system.

The inventory taking of fixed assets with a bar code reader is supported in the business information system Heliant Moneo.

The implementation of public procurement procedures and signed contracts with clients and suppliers is performed automatically, by using the book of incoming and outgoing invoices.

Electronic prescriptions are automatically transferred to Moneo from the portal for prescriptions issuance. The downloaded data are stored in the book of issued prescriptions and then fiscalized.

The required configuration of the server and the user’s computer depend on the size of the institution, number of users and the functionality of the software that you choose. For more information, contact Customer Support.


There is a referral for the given patient for the specified date in IZIS and since it is not realized, the referral to the specialist doctor must be deleted in Heliant so that a new one can be generated.

Corrections of the field that are incorrectly filled in at the admission may be made by changing the additional properties of admission by selecting the tab “Contact Information” in the hospitalization window and then on the “Admission” button.

It is possible to define the default attributes at the level of each outpatient facility so that you can set appropriate attributes in the desired outpatient facilities via the “Data on the Organizing Unit” setting where you may opt for “Default Service Attributes”.

If a patient is scheduled earlier (on a previous day), his/her name will be shown with a light blue background with the time it has been scheduled for, while patients scheduled on “today for today” basis will not have this feature.

It is necessary to create the products (777777M medical nitrogen, 777777O medical oxygen, 777777N medical nitrogen sub-oxide and 777777C medical carbon-dioxide), then it is necessary to map the said products to NHIF codes and assign them internal prices, and the final step is to invoice the consumed quantity with respect to the service LMU001.

When filling in the certificate of temporary inability to work, it is necessary to enter the time of beginning and ending of the sick-leave, both at the top and at the bottom of the page. Without these dates, the document is not valid. Only in a special case (such as pregnant women and nursing mothers), should the option “The last day of temporary inability is unknown” instead of the last day of inability to work be checked.


Diagnosis N18 is active and is not deactivated by entering of the codebook. The problem is that it cannot be searched/recorded per inpatient patients or outpatient patients (Dialysis) to avoid the first-instance contest of the “Non-allowed three-month diagnosis between final or additional diagnoses of the insured” and “Non-allowed three-month diagnosis between final or additional diagnoses along with the service “Outpatient Hospital”.

The possibility of grouping is available for the units of “Department “ type for the simple reason because it is one of the factors that influences the grouping of the Outcome of Treatment (Type of Discharge), which is available during the administrative discharge of a patient, and which is available only for departments.

SALDO/BALANCE represents the difference between the incoming and outgoing quantities of goods for the selected period, and in the specific case, during the observed period, there was more outgoing goods (consumption of the relevant medicine) than the incoming goods.

Heliant has the same features as the version for state institutions, with the addition of specially customized modules for examination scheduling and payment collection.

Heliant can be connected to a fiscal cash register if it has the appropriate software support for it (drivers). We recommend the Galeb fiscal cash register model GP550.


Without any doubt, you should opt for our CLOUD solution that includes the lease of resources (servers) by an Internet provider so that Heliant and all data are always available to you, with the precondition that an Internet connection has been previously provided.


The creation of the laboratory protocol is enabled for the selected date and place/laboratory.


The system supports the generation of several different formats of barcode labels. In accordance with your healthcare facility’s needs, it is possible to include one or several potential formats.

There is a possibility that a user that has a certain role adds or removes any of the analyses from the referral form. Each change in the system is recorded along with the data on time and user that has made the change.

It is not necessary. If there is no hard copy of the referral containing a unique referral number, the search can be performed based on the patient data (name, surname, personal identification number, personal insuree number, number of a health card).

Each sample will be labelled with the unique bar code. This information is the guarantee that the information that are obtained by the analyser will match a particular sample regardless of the date of sample receipt. Some samples will be frozen and processed when a sufficient number of samples is collected. The only restriction that may exist is related to the sample expiry term.

Of course. The receipt for the co-payment can be printed if the patient is not exempt from co-payment.

A sample can be processed in several analysers. If the first has the possibility to run 6 out of 10 requested tests, the other will be requested to perform the remaining 4 tests. The system can control in the system which analyser will perform which tests based on a particular referral.

Of course. The system is set to make saving on reagent substances by default, but the user definitely has the option to run repeated tests on the same or another analyser.

There is a possibility of defining dilution for the selected sample. That information is sent to the analyser when reading the label barcode.

The system has the option to define calculation tests. In addition to this, the system supports scaling the values of such tests from various analysers in order to perform adjustments per unit of measure.

Of course. It is possible to define several protocols. At the moment of admission, it can be defined which protocol the referral is assigned to.

The administration of de-verification control right is enabled by the application right. An employee should have the role: name – “De-verifier of verification performed by other person”, description – “He/she may de-verify the results verified by other persons”.


Training of users for using any business software is the most important element of successful implementation. Although this software is very simple and easy to use with a very simple interface, we believe that each client should take advantage of the training that is always included in the price of the software package.