Healthcare information system

Heliant Health information system is a web application which entirely supports all kinds of interaction between patients and healthcare professionals within an institution.

With Heliant HEALTH


You automate medical and administrative procedures in your facility


You increase employee efficiency and reduce costs


You centralize the administration


You access the data easily, quickly and safely by using Internet browser


You have no additional licensing costs


Safer and Simpler

  • Automatic data back-up on a daily basis
  • Intuitive user screens
  • User-defined sets of rights and roles

New Quality of Business

  • High efficiency in data distribution, streamlined from tasks to reporting, all in one application
  • Centralized scheduling of examinations with the check-up of the patient’s unique identification information
  • Advanced statistical reporting per various criteria
  • Centralized generation of an electronic invoice

Integration and Support

  • Integration with Heliant Moneo business information system
  • Integration with external services of NHIF, Institute of public Health Batut and Ministry of Health
  • Full integration with Infolab LIS and Heliant RIS products
  • Great attention is paid to a responsible relations with clients, timely response and building of a long-term partner relationship

Framework statistics


Healthcare Institutions

Examinations every month

Prescriptions per month

Invoiced services

Printed documents per month


EuroRec Seal Level 2

Heliant Information System was the first information system in this region to be granted EuroRec certificate for promotion of high quality systems for keeping electronic health record in 2010.

EHDEN Certified SME

In 2021, Heliant became a certified ETL service provider for EHDEN projects during which data is taken, adapted and loaded into a form ready for complex analyses.

Module overview



  • Per physician or outpatient facility
  • Organizational chart
  • Work process modelling
  • Graphic display of schedulable dates and times
  • Possibility of view filtration
  • Faster new patient data input
  • Automatic scheduling
  • Date/time rescheduling
  • Service copying
  • Work period settings
  • Efficient referral
  • Medical notes
  • Administrative notes
  • Decursus
  • Urgent scheduling
  • Examination cancellation

Specialist-outpatient examinations


  • All specialist examinations
  • Curative examinations
  • Occupational health examinations
  • Annual medical check-up
  • Dental record
  • Teeth condition record
  • Medical certificates
  • Sick-leave and absence from work certificates

Service charging


  • Fiscal receipts
  • Cash receipts
  • Discount categories
  • All payment options

Electronic invoice


  • Pricelists
  • Invoice review per item
  • Verification filters
  • Item locking
  • Re-invoicing
  • Payment verifications



  • Planning and analysis
  • Criteria definition
  • Statistical reports
  • Capitation reports
  • Custom Line-item reports
  • Graphic display of data

Heliant CLOUD


  • Fail-over server cluster lease included
  • Up to 10 User per Institution
  • Automatic new versions
  • System maintenance included
  • User support
  • Automatic daily backup
  • Unlimited data availability
  • Maximum safety ensured

Electronic medical record


  • Medical warnings
  • Multiple services
  • Document printing
  • Analyses results
  • Prescription input
  • Diagnoses as per ICD-10
  • Permanent documents
  • Configurable documents and input fields
  • Various Insurance types
  • Configurable insurance partners
  • Demographic information
  • Advanced search
  • Adding and updating of data
  • Patient information

Inpatient treatment


  • Patient admission
  • Treatment regimen
  • Treatment administration
  • Consultations
  • Anaesthesiology
  • Operating theatres
  • Documentation on a treatment episode
  • Patient discharge



  • Supports of printing of all types of bills through advanced ESIR system
  • PFR integration – VPFR and LPFR
  • Various thermal printing supported



  • Organizational chart
  • Defining work periods
  • Daily examination schedule
  • Work schedule
  • User accounts and roles
  • Access rights
  • Notifications and warnings
  • System of internal messages
  • Codebooks (services, materials…)



  • Master pharmacy
  • Departmental pharmacies
  • Purchase requisition
  • Group purchase requisitions
  • Deliveries
  • Stock balance monitoring
  • Alarms

Connection to external systems


  • SHIF servces
  • Call centre
  • HL7 gold partner 2015
  • Electonic prescription
  • HEDEX – Heliant Data Exchange