Recently, the company “Heliant” has been selected together with 22 other European companies to start the certification process for mapping data to the OMOP CDM model, which will contribute that our region becomes part of Europe that manages and uses healthcare data in a smarter manner, exchanges research methodologies and actively participates in open science and collaboration...


UCC Serbia is a partner in the EHDEN(European Health Data Evidence Network) project that networks healthcare facilities in Europe. The aim of the project is to adapt the data from healthcare facilities to the global format, the so-called OMOP CDM (Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership – Common Data Model) in order to equally participate in global and European scientific studies.


The company “Heliant” has just completed the adaptation of the database of the University Clinical Centre (UCC) of Serbia to the European standards, which will enable the largest healthcare organization in our country to exchange them with institutions and companies in Europe and the world, which by conducting their studies provide support the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Heliant experts and programmers have been engaged in this demanding task and continue to work closely with the experts from the UCC of Serbia on the development and implementation of scientific studies.


The Heliant team has adapted the database in the UCC of Serbia in several phases. First, the data collected with the help of the Heliant Health platform were profiled and prepared. Then they were subject to development and preparation of ETL (Extraction, Transformation, Loading, i.e., extraction, transformation, loading). The data were finally converted to a standardized format and their quality was checked.


The data in possession of the UCC of Serbia are now ready for various clinical studies and research and available to certain institutions and CRO (Contract Research Organization) companies.
In that way, the visibility of Serbia in Europe in this very important area was significantly enhanced. Of course, this data can only be used in accordance with strict regulations regarding the storage of data in healthcare facilities.


The head of the Heliant development team, Filip Maljković, presented this whole process to the international audience at a conference organized by EHDEN.


In addition to Maljković, representatives of the University of Istanbul and the Belgian company “Lynxcare” were also among the speakers at the conference.


The company “Heliant” cooperated on this project with the centre “Erasmus Medical Centre” from Rotterdam and the pharmaceutical giant “Jonhson and Jonhson”, while the European Medicines Agency will organize studies that will be conducted with the help of collected data.


The whole project was launched in August last year in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, so the focus was on data related to this global health challenge, but the Heliant team transformed other data as well and the UCC of Serbia is now ready for researches that are not associated with covid-19.