Since March this year, when the information systems of the company “Heliant” were fully integrated in the Srpska Crnja Primary Health Centre, this important healthcare facility in the western part of Banat has been working faster and more efficiently, while the number of errors has been drastically reduced, points out the director of the PHC, MD Danica Vučurević Đukin.


The healthcare centre uses the health information system Heliant, the business system Moneo and the laboratory software Infolab LIS.

According to the director of the PHC, they decided to implement them late last year, when they identified certain problems in business operation, which they could not solve with software they had been using in for the previous 17 years.

“Software solutions of the company “Heliant” are more user friendly and more transparent, one can identify how the errors have occurred in them. The solutions themselves make it impossible to make mistakes. Thus the control of the employees’ work, as well as how the warehouse is managed, is at a much higher level,” MD Vučurević Đukin explained to us.

She notes that human errors are an integral part of work, “but it’s good when software helps you see those mistakes and doesn’t allow you to take the next step, but brings you back to correct that mistake first.”

MD Vučurević Đukin says that at first, when new information systems were to be introduced, everyone in the PHC protested.

“We got used to working in the old way and everything seemed complicated to us, but we all got used to it and adapted in two or three days. Now we already help each other, point out where the mistakes occurred and how to correct them. We see that now we have more opportunities to get certain data”, says the director of the Srpska Crnja Primary Healthcare Centre, explaining the change in detail. “It’s like when you get a new phone. Everything is new to you, so you can’t manage it, but in the end you realize how much better it is than the old one”.

I can see the whole facility doing better. Now we control everything better, therefore we save more, and we expect the state to reward us financially for that,” says MD Danica Vučurević Đukin, who points out that the work is easier from the physician’s point of view as well.

“I still work as a physician, prescribe treatments, examine patients. I see that working in the Heliant program makes the work of physicians much easier – I can find specialist referral forms, examination results, travel orders more easily.”

It is also more favourable for nurses and staff that now everything is integrated, most of the “paperwork” no longer exists, you don’t have to write much by hand. With all that, reporting to the National Health Insurance Fund is more facilitated, in two or three clicks.

The director of the Srpska Crnja Primary Healthcare Centre says she also proposes the next step – to integrate all healthcare facilities across Serbia. That would be perfect for patients, so they don’t have to go around collecting papers wherever they are treated.

“With the help of the Heliant system, patients do not have to go, as they are used to, to collect the results – it is already in electronic form at the physician’s office. Patients are used to going to the laboratory in the old way, they still like to have results in the paper form. But the result is already with their physician, and if they already need it in a paper form, he/she can print it for them,” says MD Danica Vučurević Đukin, director of the Srpska Crnja Primary Healthcare Centre, who emphasizes that whenever they have a problem, they talk to experts from company “Heliant”, who quickly solve it.