At the Festival of Socially Responsible Communication, held in Belgrade on World Children’s Day, November 20, the company “Heliant” won the title of the 2022 Purpose-Driven Campaign. On that occasion, the representative of the company, Vukašin Radulović, was presented with a statuette of this campaign, which recognizes, distinguishes and encourages socially responsible communication aimed at ensuring the well-being of children and individuals.


The name of the campaign won by the company “Heliant”, and for which it was awarded was Empowering young people for inclusion in the labour market in 2022.


It consisted of activities relevant for three levels of educational institutions:


– promotion of the information and communication technology sector to elementary school students,

– introduction of the Heliant health information system in the secondary medical school and

– participation of students of medicine at the digital health conference.


On the occasion of the International Girls’ Day in the Information and Communication Technology sector, the team of female associates of the “Heliant” company described the opportunities for careers in these fields to the girls and tried to motivate them to take that path.


On that day, girls from the “Sveti Sava” elementary school from Belgrade visited the company “Heliant”.


The girls from this school, who are now high school students, attended the event of the statuette award at the Festival of Socially Responsible Communication “Purpose-Driven Campaign”, with their teacher, Aleksandra Bošković.



This year, the company donated Heliant health information system to the “Dr. Miodrag Lazić” High School of Medicine in Niš, with the aim of training future medical technicians, laboratory assistants and doctors to manage medical administration electronically even before employment.


Now 963 students have the opportunity to work in Heliant health information system, which is used by more than 80 percent of healthcare facilities in Serbia.


Further, the company “Heliant” donated 15 registration fees for the students of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Belgrade, who attended the sessions about the development of important technological trends in healthcare to affect the improvement of treatment, at the “Future is now” Conference, the leading conference for the digitization of healthcare in Central Europe.


On this occasion, the “Heliant” representative, Vukašin Radulović, said that the company would continue with socially responsible business in the future and presented some of the planned activities.


The activities would include the implementation of the Heliant health information system in the Vocational Medical College in Belgrade, participation in the Horizon 2020 project “SocKets lab” to promote the concept of participation and social engagement, the organization of professional practice sessions for final year students, continuation of participation in the global community of open science for health data from OHDSI and the organization of the Girls’ Day of in the ICT Sector 2023.


In addition to the company “Heliant”, the winners of the 2022 Purpose-Driven Campaign were also the companies “Roche”, “Novartis”, “Coca Cola”, “OTP Bank”, “Atlantik Group”, “Galenika”, “A1”, “Erste banka”, National Centre for Sexual and Reproductive Health “Potent”, “Mercator S”, “Procredit banka”, “MK Group”, “AIK banka”, “Scheider Electric Srbija”, “Sport Time Balkans”, Centre “Srce” and “Lidl Srbija”.