Selection of the information system is a big step for every healthcare facility, which is usually taken when something in the existing system does not work, when there are malfunctions in the existing system and when it generates inaccurate data.


The General Hospital Požarevac, which is the largest healthcare facility in the Braničevo district with 540 hospital beds, decided to take that step in 2020, but the Covid19 pandemic temporarily suspended it. In September this year, three Heliantinformation systems were successfully introduced: Heliant Health, BusinessMoneo and Laboratory Infolab LIS.


Excellent employee training

“We had an excellent preparation for the implementation of these systems. The training of employees was excellent, which our IT specialists, with the help of Heliant professionals, prepared in time for all changes brought by the new IS”, says for the director of Požarevac General Hospital , MD Danko Nikolić, urology specialist.

He notes that they have expected that the implementation of new information systems would be a bigger challenge, since it is difficult for employees to get used to such big changes, but it has turned out that GH Požarevac smoothly “got over” that transition in a short period of time.

“We were also on duty 24 hours a day to help our IT staff provide full support to employees in the most critical services, such as the Emergency Service, but there were no major problems and the general impression of hospital staff was that the transition to the new information system was painless.”

All the problems that take place when moving to a new system of work were solved with the support of Heliant on the fly and did not affect any segment of the business, says MD Nikolić.

“We are also pleased that the new system has resulted in a faster rendering of services to patients, but it also helps doctors and hospital staff, makes our business more economical. It means a lot that the system automatically guides them through coding by diagnostic related groups (DRG) Accurate coding is very important because, in addition to improving the work on electronic invoices and reducing the possibility of errors, healthcare facilities also depend on the money they receive from the National Health Insurance Fund.

With the help of Heliant’s Moneo business information system, we have a more accurate picture of our business Earlier, we had to carry out our own internal controls, once a month, by which we reviewed business operations by crossing data from all sides to make sure no omissions would occurr. Now, it is the system that does it all by itself” , says MD Nikolić.


We would recommend Heliant to anyone


The overall business functioning of the hospital is now more efficient. Consumption of paper and toner has also been reduced, as they no longer have to print various reports and send them from service to service.

“All in all, we are very satisfied and recommend Heliant’s information systems to colleagues from healthcare facilities. We are in contact with many colleagues, we know how many problems many of them have and sooner or later everyone will come to the conclusion that they simply have to decide on other software. Our hospital recommends Heliant”, , says for MD Danko Nikolić, director of the General Hospital Požarevac.