A two-day conference entitled “What do the novelties in the Serbian Healthcare System bring?”, organized by the Association of Lawyers and Economists in Healthcare, was held over the weekend.


Heliant representative, Vukašin Radulović, together with MD Ivana Božović Spasojević from the Institute of Oncology and Radiology participated in the panel “Telemedicine benefits – from doctors and programmers’ perspective”.



At the conference, Dragana Milosavljević from the University Clinical Centre of Serbia spoke about the challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic from the perspective of economists, PhD Ljiljana Gojković Bukarica from the Faculty of Medicine delivered a presentation on new pharmacotherapeutic options in our country, while MD Ljiljana Stamatović spoke about the benefits of flexible treatment of patients in Serbia.


Decentralization and flexible treatment of patients were also discussed at the panel discussion, which was attended by MD/PhD Danica Grujičić and MD/PhD Davorin Radosavljević from IORS, MD/PhD Zoran Radovanović (IOV), MD/PhD Nenad Mijalković (UCCS), Miloš Kukulj, Bachelor of Law (IORS), Dragana Milosavljević, Bachelor of Economy (UCCS) and Zorica Tasić, Bachelor of Economy (GH Leskovac). The discussion was moderated by Ivana Božović. Vanja Vulić from digitalizuj.me spoke about the era of digital transformation of the healthcare system.


The national plan for digitalization of the Serbian healthcare system was presented by Nikola Radoman from the  Ministry of Health.