Students of the Medical High School “Dr Miodrag Lazić” from Niš study medical informatics with the help of software provided by the company “Heliant”


In its report on the assistance provided by the company Heliant to future doctors and other healthcare professionals, TV Belami points out that they will not have to attend additional training when they are employed, as well as that information systems facilitate work and enable faster access to data in healthcare facilities.


Television broadcaster “Belami” from Niš presents a report on the donation of the company “Heliant” to the Nis Medical High School “Dr Miodrag Lazić”, in which it first reminds that Heliant information systems are used by about 80 percent of healthcare facilities in the country and that healthcare professionals, nurses, pharmacists and specialist doctors will be trained to conduct medical administration electronically even before employment.”

Teacher in the Medical High School, Filip Klain, states for TV Belami that Heliant software allows students to keep complete medical documentation, administrative data on patients, specialist doctors, to keep record on the consumed supplies in that software, as well as analysis and patient reports.”

According to Klain, the information system of the company “Heliant” enables the entire medical documentation and data to be registered and handled in one place.

TV Belami points out that healthcare professionals used to make records of such documentation in writing, and that “the implementation of a new system, which the company “Heliant” has been developing for 20 years, facilitates work and enables faster access to data”.

Doctors and staff first do training for using that software and only then move on to their regular work activities in Niš Clinical Centre, says Professor Klain.

“When they complete education with us, they will have the required knowledge and they will not need any training,” he says.

TV Belami presents that Heliant software can be used for teaching in other subjects within the curriculum of “Dr Miodrag Lazić” Medical High School, such as “medical care” and “first aid”.

The head master of this important school, attended by 963 students, Miroslav Savić, emphasizes the quality of those who are educated in it and the numerous awards they have received, and TV Belami reminds that last year a student of this school was ranked first for admission to the Military Medical Academy in Belgrade.