The Heliant application, Otvori plavi krug (Open Blue Circle), designed for people with diabetes, was awarded as one of the five best applications in Serbia at today’s gala annual award ceremony for the best websites, applications and social media accounts Top50 as chosen by PC Press magazine.

The prestigious recognition of PC Press magazine has been awarded for 26 years, supporting and affirming those who have proven themselves in the online space with special functionality, quality content, and design.

Otvori plavi krug” is an interactive and intuitive application created by the company “Heliant” with the aim of improving physical activities and actively promoting a healthy lifestyle for people with diabetes.

The OPK application helps users to implement their own walking plan on specially designated paths. Through the application, it is possible to sign up for organized walks along organized health paths, led by nurses.

In addition to people suffering from diabetes, obese people and others who are estimated to be at risk of developing diabetes or who are simply interested in a healthy life style take part in the walks. They can sign up for walks through the Otvori plavi krug website or app.

The company “Heliant” has been developing its “Touch” branch, which includes mobile applications for patients, for many years.

The application can be downloaded from AppStore and GooglePlay. It has been downloaded by 3,100 users so far.