Health information system Heliant and laboratory information system InfoLab, designed by the company “Heliant”, installed in the primary healthcare centre Merošina, treating a large number of patients coming from 28 villages within the municipality of Niš


The primary healthcare centre Merošina operates 24/7, including the Emergency Service, in order to cover the needs of the inhabitants of 28 villages within this municipality of Niš.


Heliant Information Systems – Heliant Health Information System and InfoLab Laboratory Information System, which have recently been implemented in this healthcare facility treating a large number of patients, will help diligent doctors and medical staff, as well as their patients, to carry out medical procedures faster and in an easier manner.


The director of PHC Merošina, MD Nebojša Cvetković, told that he initiated the implementation of Heliant software products after his colleagues in other healthcare centres shared with him positive experience they had in using these software products.


The director of PHC Merošina, MD Nebojša Cvetković


“We are quite burdened by the number of patients,” explains MD Cvetković. “This problem can be resolved easily, and now we will work faster and we will not be kept behind with the procedures that the program itself can automatically process.”


The systems were quickly implemented and the doctors and medical staff accepted them very quickly and have no objections, MD Cvetković says.


It means a lot to them that the invoices to the Serbian Health Insurance Fund are automated, as well as referrals, which is now all in electronic form and the data are in one place, in the database of the Healthcare Centre.


When it comes to the Laboratory Information System InfoLab, the laboratory technician from the PHC Merošina,  Aleksandra Stošić, says that it is much easier for her and her colleagues now, that their work is faster and more facilitated.


Heliant Information system in the PHC Merošina Laboratory


“Invoicing is already much facilitated – by entering the data, we automatically send the invoice to the Fund, and that is a great relief for us. Also, we no longer have to print patient examination reports, which also used to take a lot of time”, says Aleksandra Stošić.


We have no objections, we have only praises, we praise the program in the laboratory a lot”, Stošić points out.


Patients, he says, still come to the PHC laboratory Centre for examination reports. They do it out of habit, although they can also get the results in electronic form. Obviously, it will take some time for them to get used to the new benefits.