The company „Heliant“ has developed a digital platform for telemedicine examination on which a specialist doctor performs a contactless examination of the patient in the Heliant information system in the healthcare facility where a doctor works. The online telemedicine examination platform enables digital consultation of patients with specialist doctors via video call.


The entire process of telemedicine examination is described below:

  1.  After the first examination that a patient must physically attend, the specialist doctor will, in agreement with the patient, decide whether the next follow up examination and monitoring of treatment can be done online, via video call.
  2. The doctor will schedule a follow-up examination in one of his/her free dates, about which the patient will be informed by e-mail address and/or SMS, which information the patient has stated when giving consent for telemedicine examination.
  3. In addition to the invitation to the examination, the patient will also receive a link to the questionnaire for submitting relevant information on his/her health condition, which information should be filled in before the telemedicine examination.
  4. Even before the telemedicine examination, the patient will receive an email, and/or SMS, as a reminder of the upcoming telemedicine call.
  5. The digital platform automatically submits the completed questionnaire to the specialist doctor and prepares all the necessary data within the Heliant health information system so that the examination can take place without waste of time for both the doctor and the patient.
  6. When it is time to perform the scheduled telemedicine examination, both the patient and the specialist doctor will start the telemedicine examination by clicking on the generated link.
  7. Based on the questionnaire and contact with the patient during the telemedicine examination, the specialist doctor in Heliant health information compiles a report and records it in the patient’s electronic record.
  8. The digital platform downloads the doctor’s report and notifies the patient electronically.

Video presentation is available here: