Within the project “Development of electronic clinical pathways and their integration into the electronic patient record in primary healthcare facilities” supported by the Second Health Development Project of Serbia of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia, the company “Heliant d.o.o.” developed and implemented 17 electronic clinical pathways.


At the end of the previous year, electronic clinical pathways were subject to pilot testing in three healthcare facilities that used this solution intensively for a period of three months and contributed with their suggestions to the improvement of the quality of clinical pathways.


During the previous period MD Nikola Jovanović, a professional medical associate in the company “Heliant”, delivered trainings for the application of electronic clinical pathways for 263 healthcare professionals employed in 84 health centres throughout Serbia:

    • 21.06.2021. in Belgrade
    • 25.06.2021. in Niš and Novi Pazar
    • 28.06.2021. in Valjevo and Užice
    • 30.06.2021. in Požarevac and Sremska Mitrovica
    • 02.07.2021. in Subotica and Kikinda
    • 14.07.2021. in Belgrade
    • 16.07.2021. online training

Electronic clinical pathways represent a protocol with a precisely planned sequence of clinical processes with expected outcomes and time frames for groups of patients with a particular clinical problem. The content of the clinical pathway relies on a national guide to good clinical practice and local practice of the healthcare facility.

Electronic clinical pathways aim to standardize work processes, which allows the treatment process to take place in an organized manner and in the same way for each patient. Examples of world practice show that the application of clinical pathways reduces differences in patient care, increases the accuracy of activities performed and the effectiveness of treatment. The application of electronic clinical pathways will increase the quality of care in healthcare facilities, maximize clinical efficiency and improve patient treatment outcomes.

After the trainings, electronic clinical pathways were introduced in other healthcare facilities that use Heliant health information system. Representatives of primary healthcare centres who participated in the trainings showed great interest and it is expected that this solution would be generally accepted.