New Rulebook on VAT records

Moneo poslovni informacioni sistem

The Rulebook on the form, content and method of keeping VAT records and form and contents of the VAT tax assessment, published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia no. 90/2017 and 119/2017, came into effect on 1.7.2018.

The application of the new Rulebook on VAT records and the review of the VAT assessment (VAT tax assessment) has provided much more detailed VAT records for all taxpayers, especially taking into account the obligation to file the VAT tax assessment along with the VAT tax return which are now filed electronically, or entered directly on the tax administration website.

Amendments to VAT records have been implemented with the version 1.7.6. business information system Heliant Moneo. In the incoming and outgoing documents, new options are added that define how turnover is recorded. VAT tax return and VAT tax assessment are generated automatically, based on the documents existing in the system.