Business Information System

Moneo is a modern business information system designed both for enterprises that wish to make significant improvements in business operations and achieve great savings, and to budget beneficiaries that now have a solution adapted to all specific features of their methods of work at their disposal.

Change the method of conducting your business operations

  • Full integrity of user business processes
  • Detailed reporting and better information flow
  • Faster and easier adapting to regulatory changes
  • Informed decision-making and planning

Solution that meets your needs

  • All the data are in one place
  • Elimination of surplus processes by automation
  • Functionalities can be chosen in accordance with your needs
  • Reduction of the possibility of making mistakes
  • Ensuring higher transparency in operation
  • Uniform appearance and behaviour of all parts of the system
  • Only basic computer literacy is required – no additional training is required

Safe and reliable

  • Access to information is limited by access rights
  • Each action is recorded per user, date and time of access
  • Data are protected from deletion
  • Data Backup
Zdravstveni informacioni sistem

Integration and Support

  • Integration with Heliant Health information system
  • Automated data exchange with external systems and services
  • Team of consultants with long year experience in the implementation of business-information systems
  • Access to knowledge databases of great number of users

Framework statistics


Public institutions



1 000


50 000

Invoiced prescribed drugs

Module overview