Laboratory information system

INFOLAB LIS laboratory information system is a software system developed to answer to all demands of the biochemical, microbiological and immunological laboratories, as independent systems, and to fully support integration with clinics and hospitals.

  • The system is connected with more than 100 different laboratory devices and we increase this number on a daily basis.
  • We regard a laboratory as a unit and we continuously develop it in all fields – biochemistry, immunology, genetics, blood transfusion…
  • INFOLAB LIS ensures in a simple way efficient work and full control of business processes to the users thereof.


  • Ensures two-way communication with a great number of devices in a laboratory.
  • Enables sending requests to devices as well as receipt of the results from them.
  • Ensures electronic data exchange with external systems.
  • It can operate independently or be integrated with the existing healthcare facility information system.


  • Recording sample receipt.
  • Generation of a unique bar code per sample/based on a sample, with the possibility of printing labels.
  • Sending electronic referrals for laboratory analyses to devices.
  • Receipt of the results from devices.
Zdravstveni informacioni sistem


  • Automatic processing of the received results based on the defined procedures.
  • Defining several/various ranges of reference values based on the unit of measure, sex and age of a patient.
  • Automatic recording of designations if the result is out of the reference value range.
  • Automatic receipt of the electronic referral for laboratory analyses from Heliant Health application.
  • Automatic sending of the verified results in Heliant Health.
  • Possibility of reviewing result changes within referral forms (result, status, user, time).
  • Result verification (individual, group, overall) within the referral form.
  • Possibility of reviewing changes of results of each individual patient analysis.

Framework statistics


Connected laboratory devices