Healthcare Information System

Heliant Health information system is a web application which entirely supports all kinds of interaction between patients and health care professionals within an institution.

Heliant Health integrates medical and administrative data from various sources within the health care institution. It relieves medical staff from excess administration thus helping in providing a better service and accommodation to particular patient needs. With detailed recording of all user interactions it helps in performance and expense control.

With Heliant HEALTH you :

  • You automate medical and administrative procedures in your facility
  • You increase employee efficiency and reduce costs
  • You centralize the administration
  • You access the data easily, quickly and safely by using Internet browser
  • You standardize Healthcare services
  • You have no additional licensing costs
Zdravstveni informacioni sistem

Safer and Simpler

  • Automatic data back-up on a daily basis
  • Intuitive user screens
  • User-defined sets of rights and roles
Zdravstveni informacioni sistem

New Quality of Business

  • High efficiency in data distribution, streamlined from tasks to reporting, all in one application
  • Centralized scheduling of examinations with the check-up of the patient’s unique identification information
  • Advanced statistical reporting per various criteria
  • Centralized generation of an electronic invoice
Zdravstveni informacioni sistem

Integration and Support

  • Integration with Heliant Moneo business information system
  • Integration with external services of NHIF, Institute of public Health Batut and Ministry of Health
  • Full integration with Infolab LIS and Heliant RIS products
  • Great attention is paid to a responsible relations with clients, timely response and building of a long-term partner relationship

Framework statistics

30 000



Healthcare Institutions

4 000 000

Examinations every month

2 000 000

Patients every month

3 000 000

Prescribed drugs per moth

10 000 000

Invoiced services

400 000

Call centre scheduled exams

2 500 000

Medical reports per month

2 200 000

Printed documents

Certified by EuroRec Seal Level 2


Heliant Information System was the first information system
in this region to be granted EuroRec certificate |
for promotion of high quality systems
for keeping electronic health record in 2010.

Module overview