In cooperation with the Health Management Section of the Association of physicians of Vojvodina, Serbian Medical Association (DLV-SLD), the representatives of the company “Heliant”, MD Nikola Jovanović and MD Etir Chalabi, organized an accredited continuous medical education called “Digitalization to more efficient healthcare”, in cooperation with Marija Jevtić MD/PhD and Artur Bjelica, Ph.D.


This national CME course, Category 1, was not just an ordinary education, but meant that participants “dived” into the field of telemedicine, health data, artificial intelligence and digital skills. During this intensive day, participants had the opportunity to explore the pioneering beginnings of digitization, the current state, examples of real use and future opportunities and challenges.

Special emphasis was made on interactive workshops, where participants explored the potential of digital technologies in the context of healthcare through practical examples. Through these workshops, the participants got a direct insight into the basic principles of thinking when designing, applying and using digital tools in medicine.

After the education ended, on Saturday June 1, a related professional meeting was held organized by the Academy of Medical Sciences of the Serbian Medical Society. At this meeting, digitization in healthcare was further discussed, emphasizing the importance of continuous improvement in this area.

This event represents not only a step forward in access to healthcare, but also a great opportunity for medical professionals to learn about the latest digital trends and their potential benefits for patients and the healthcare system as a whole.