At the meeting held on 14 May at The Regent Club Hotel in Niš, members of the Association of Cardiovascular Surgeons of Serbia, and/or the working group for the vascular surgery registry, presented to the attending colleagues the SerbVasc registry and the effects that the results of such a registry could trigger. The first of the effects of this registry is screening for abdominal aortic aneurysm.


Assistant Professor Igor Končar MD/PhD is our famous vascular surgeon of the University Clinical Centre of Serbia, assistant professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Belgrade and chairman of the Academy of the European Association for Vascular Surgery. Together with Professor Lazar Davidović MD/PhD, vascular surgeon, at the time director of the UCCS Clinic for Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, he launched SerbVasc in 2020 as a continuation of the large European registry called VASCUNET. More details about this topic is available in the interview that MD/PhD Končar gave for our portal

Taking into account the fact that SerbVasc is not a national registry, MD/PhD Končar emphasized the importance of the existence of a national registry of vascular operations and presented the publications resulting from the abdominal aortic aneurysm screening program.

MD Aleksandra Dragaš, vascular surgeon of the University Clinical Centre of Serbia, showed to the attendees how the SerbVasc platform operated.

Assistant Professor Slobodan Tanasković MD/PhD, general and vascular surgery specialist at the “Dedinje” Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases spoke about cooperation on the VASCUNET registry – work principles, goals and ongoing projects. In addition, he presented a study that dealt with the study of peripheral arterial disease, an insidious and dangerous disease that, if not treated in time, requires amputation.

Then, MD Miroslava Popović, vascular surgeon of CHC “Zvezdara” and MD Nemanja Stepanović, vascular surgeon of the UCC Niš, presented the results of the study on approaches to haemodialysis.

The meeting was also attended by doctors in other medical specialties, such as interventional radiologists, who closely cooperated in the treatment of patients suffering from blood vessel diseases. In addition to the published results, there was also a discussion about the conducted studies that were ready for publication, the initiation of new and strengthening of previous initiatives, as well as plans for the upcoming period and opportunities for increasing the quantity and quality of data. The next meeting is planned as part of the 10th Congress of the Association of Cardiovascular Surgeons of Serbia, which will be held on October 24 – 26 2024 in Belgrade.