The regional BIZIT conference, traditionally held at the beginning of November, this year is dedicated to the biggest technological trends of today, with a focus on artificial intelligence. On the first day of the conference the company “Heliant” participated in a panel dedicated to the digitization of healthcare in Serbia.


On November 8 and 9, TOP managers, business owners, business development directors and ICT team leaders from the country and the world gathered at the Hotel “Yugoslavia” for one of the most important business IT conferences in the region. For ten years now, BIZIT has been gathering more than 50 lecturers, a large number of participants, representatives of private and public companies, the IT sector, banks, educational institutions, telecommunications and others. As in previous years, this event provided an insight into the possibilities for business improvement through the application of digital technologies in the country and the region.

With a welcoming speech, the conference was opened by Vesna Čarknajev, director of PC Press, and PhD Mihailo Jovanović, Minister of Information and Telecommunications, after which the BIZIT Ten award was presented to selected companies and individuals. Then the member of the Fiscal Council, PhD Nikola Altiparmakov, held an introductory lecture on macroeconomic facts and expectations for Serbia, which was followed by presentations of the most important ICT companies from the country and abroad on the topic of designing, building and rationalizing computer resources, Cloud solutions, security and energy efficiency.

The end of the first day’s discussions was marked by the panel “E-health: Serbia – the Tower of Health” with a focus on the digitization of healthcare, in which Vukašin Radulović (Heliant), Dragana Lukić (Roche), Marijana Vasileska (Medigroup), Miloš Nikolić (Galenika), Strahinja Mavrenski (MNA) and Vasilije Kodžopeljić (Schneider Electric) participated with an introductory presentation and moderation by Uroš Bogdanović. The debate was attended by decision makers from the Government of Serbia and a large number of healthcare professionals from healthcare facilities all over the country.

E-health represents one of the key fields of application of technological solutions within the Fourth Industrial Revolution, so this topic was very noticed at this year’s BIZIT conference. During the panel, global trends and applications were discussed, as well as the attitude of our country towards this area and how much its application was part of the solution to the systemic problems affecting our healthcare system.

The second day of the conference was opened by PhD Miodrag Zec, with a lecture on “The System as a Whole”, in which the real state of our and the regional economy was presented in the context of the further expansion of the IT industry. Lectures on projections, selection and use of ERP and other business solutions followed, with an emphasis on current e-invoices and e-fiscalization, as well as upcoming changes in documentation archiving systems. Two panels were also held, and the topics addressed were artificial intelligence, as well as User Experience (UX) and Customer Support.

On both days, attendees had the opportunity to enjoy a rich entertainment content. “Exercises for the brain” with Uroš Petrović brought prizes to numerous participants, and the closing ceremony was enriched by the anniversary gift of the organizers – a musical program performed by the string duo Imperial Strings and the virtuoso Marko Louis. Sufficient time was allocated for networking, socializing, and getting to know each other while enjoying food and drinks.

The conclusion that all companies agreed on was that changes were inevitable and that it was necessary that new technologies should constantly be adopted in order to maintain competitiveness and accelerate the digitization process in the domestic market.


Watch the whole panel “E-health: Serbia – the Tower of Health” in the video below (9:24).