One more seminar on the trending topic of machine learning and its application in healthcare was held in the premises of the “Heliant” company on Monday, October 23rd. Our employees had the opportunity to attend lectures delivered by leading experts in this field – professor Zoran Obradović, academician and full-time professor at Temple University in Philadelphia, and PhD Vladimir Perović, senior research associate at the Vinča Institute.


The lectures were opened by Vukašin Radulović, partner in the company “Heliant” and MD/PhD Nevena Veljković, science and research manager, welcoming all attendees and emphasizing the importance of the application of machine learning in modern medicine.

The first lecture was delivered by our guest PhD Zoran Obradović, distinguished professor and director of the centre at Temple University in Philadelphia, USA (Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, USA), member of the European Academy (Academia Europaea) and foreign member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANA). Professor Obradović spoke about the application of predictive analytics in clinical decision-making, emphasizing how the allocation and use of resources in clinical treatment could be optimized with the help of machine learning.


PhD Zoran Obradović: “Predictive analytics for clinical decision making”


This was followed by a lecture delivered by Filip Maljković, head of the Heliant development team, who talked about the data structure in Heliant and mapping to the OMOP CDM (Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership, Common Data Model). This way of mapping implies that data from different healthcare facilities are collected in the same way, their structure and content are standardized. Maljković managed to explain this complex topic and the connection of databases in Heliant in the simplest possible way.


Filip Maljković: “Data structure in Heliant and mapping to OMOP CDM”


The lecture to follow was delivered by another guest, PhD Vladimir Perović, senior research associate and head of the computer science team at the Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences, University of Belgrade. The topic of his presentation was “Covid-19 patient data analysis, predictive models based on data from the Heliant health system”. The focus of Perovic’s presentation was on the application of machine learning in predicting the outcome and length of hospitalization, as well as the identification of important attributes associated with the outcome.


Vladimir Perović: “Analysis of Covid-19 patient data, predictive models based on data from Heliant Health System”


After the lecture, the participants had the opportunity for informal socializing and exchange of ideas. Just like previous seminars, this one also sparked interest, considering the expertise of the lecturers and the possibility of applying what was presented in practice.

Such lectures have proven to be extremely useful for our employees, primarily the development team, encouraging them to keep up the pace with foreign practices in this field, thus we will continue to organize them whenever the opportunity arises.