The Heliant health information system was put into operation in the Clinical Centre of Montenegro (KCCG), the largest Montenegrin healthcare facility, which ensured more efficient work of employees and better healthcare services provision for patients.


The Clinical Centre of Montenegro is the largest healthcare facility in the country, with over 2,500 employees, which provides more than 60% of the total healthcare services, includes over 40 organizational units, and annually treats about 40,000 patients. Taking into account the above facts, the implementation of the Heliant Health system is extremely important both for this healthcare facility, and also for the healthcare system in the country.

As part of the digital transformation project of Montenegrin healthcare, Heliant Health brought complete computerization and integration of all systems in the Clinical Centre, and contributed to its modernization and improvement, ensuring greater efficiency, savings of resources and time, and better quality of healthcare services.

KCCG employees and the Ministry of Health of Montenegro expressed great satisfaction with the implementation of the integrated health information system Heliant, which facilitated communication and data exchange between healthcare facilities, as well as decision-making at a strategic level, but also in the treatment process.

The Clinical Centre representatives state that the entire work process is now automated, accelerated and simplified, and employees have already been able to see its numerous advantages – automated management of medical documentation in electronic form, connection with other clinics and departments, and institutions such as the Health Insurance Fund, Public Health Institute, Institute for Medicines and Medical Devices, Institute for Blood Transfusion. Connecting KCCG with these institutions enabled more accurate monitoring of drug consumption and more efficient management of the financial, material and human resources of the Clinical Centre.

Heliant Health has facilitated the treatment process both for physicians and patients. The time it took for doctors to enter data into the system was significantly reduced, so they now have more time to devote to patients. Also, with the introduction of the electronic health record, it is possible for a physician in any healthcare facility to access treatment data, with the patient’s permission, so that patients do not have to take paper documentation from the Clinical Centre to other healthcare facilities.

In addition, Heliant enabled access to the laboratory and radiology information system within the Clinical Centre, the integration of the central pharmacy and the medical part of the information system and the monitoring of drug consumption per patient, the monitoring of the inventories of drugs and medical supplies, automatic monitoring of public procurement contracts, ensuring the integration of procurement and warehouse, finance and accounting department operations.



Aleksandar Arsović, Assistant Chief Information Officer KCCG, talks about the new information system for the TV channel TV Vijesti