Digitization is a prerequisite for everything that needs to be improved in healthcare, since the availability of innovative therapies directly depends on it, pointed out the representative of the company “Heliant”, Vukašin Radulović, at the jubilee 30th KBF


“Building a resilient economy in uncertain times: Key challenges for Serbia and the Western Balkans” was the central theme of the jubilee 30th Kopaonik Business Forum 2023, held from March 5 to 8 2023.

More than 1,600 participants gathered in the Congress Centre of the Grand Kopaonik Hotel, and 200 panellists took part in 34 panel discussions, three sessions and four special events.

Vukašin Radulović, co-founder of the company “Heliant“ and president of the NALED Healthcare Alliance, participated in the panel discussion “Healthcare: New realities and turning points”.
He pointed out that the analyses made by NALED showed that between 250 and 300 million euros were lost on clinical studies that we had failed to conduct.

“The government is working to fix it, but it all requires modern expert data and experts.” What is important are the implementation of standards, and if we do that we will have results,” Radulović said.

“Digitization is not an aim itself, but a prerequisite for everything that needs to be improved in healthcare, because the availability of innovative therapies directly depends on digitization,” said the representative of the company “Heliant”.



“Of all examinations performed in primary healthcare, only four percent are preventive examinations, which indicates that in Serbia the degree of understanding of the need to work on prevention and to perform systematic and preventive examinations is very low,” said Dragan Lončar, moderator of the panel.

The CEO of the company “Roche”, Ana Govedarica, the founder of the company “Bel Medic”, Jasmina Knežević, Director General of the Serbian Health Insurance Fund, MD/PhD Sanja Radojević Škodrić, and the consultant at the World Bank, Simo Vuković, also participated in the panel discussion.

Panels also addressed macroeconomic forecasts, geopolitical issues, issues of small and medium-sized enterprises’ operations, energy security, green transition, education, connectivity agenda, agriculture, healthcare, as well as the fourth industrial revolution and digital transformation, generation Z and sustainable development from the perspective of the youth.


Vukašin Radulović at the panel “Healthcare: New realities and turning points”.


The jubilee KBF was opened by the Governor of the National Bank of Serbia, Jorgovanka Tabaković.

Interest in this extremely important regional gathering has never been greater. Numerous ministers of the Government of Serbia, economists, businessmen, bankers, representatives of international and regional chambers of commerce and institutions also attended the gathering. Kopaonik Business Forum is organized by the Association of Economists of Serbia.

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