National Pulmonary Hypertension Registry

  World Pulmonary Hypertension Day is celebrated on May 5 every year to raise awareness about this often under-diagnosed disease and to celebrate the lives of people living with pulmonary hypertension (PH). This year, it is celebrated in more than 80 countries around the world under the slogan “PH is important”.   Pulmonary hypertension is […]

The company “Heliant” hosted students from three elementary schools on the occasion of the International Girls’ Day in the ICT sector

  On the occasion of the International Girls’ Day in the sector of information and communication technologies (ICT), the company “Heliant” hosted the 7th and 8th grade students of the Elementary School “Goračići” from the village of the same name near the town of Lučani, students from the Elementary School “Petar Petrović Njegoš” from Belgrade […]

National Cancer Register of Serbia

  We are proud to announce that a joint venture lead by Heliant has been chosen to develop the National Cancer Register of the Republic of Serbia.   The register will support the Institue of Public Health of Serbia “Dr Milan Jovanović Batut“, in terms of monitoring, reporting, planning, and strategic decision making.   Serbia […]

Open the Blue Circle application in diabetes prevention

  Open the Blue Circle is an application for mobile phones which, in support of the global campaign “Cities that change diabetes”, was developed by the company “Heliant” in cooperation with the company “Novo Nordisk””. The application was created to actively promote a healthy lifestyle and diabetes prevention measures.   Open the Blue Circle is […]

Heliant in NALED

  Heliant became a member of the National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED) yesterday.   This largest public-private association in Serbia brings together more than 300 socially responsible companies, local governments and civil society organizations.   Since its establishment in 2006, NALED has positioned itself as an association committed to improving the business environment […]

Heliant in the Clinical Centre of Niš and Covid hospital in Kruševac

Photo: Wikipedia   The Clinical Centre of Niš and Heliant have signed an agreement on the implementation of the Heliant health information system in this second largest healthcare facility in Serbia. The implementation begins later this month.   The Clinical Centre of Niš employs about three thousand healthcare professionals, about 2.500 of which will use […]

Heliant expands its team

  Due to business expansion, we are looking for an associate in the position: Consultant/Implementation Officer in Belgrade and Niš.   Heliant is an IT company engaged in the design, development and implementation of software solutions in the field of health, management and finance. Job description for the position of a consultant/implementation officer: Consulting – […]

Heliant at the Clinical Centre of Montenegro

  The implementation of Heliant health information system in the largest Montenegrin healthcare facility – the Clinical Centre of Montenegro is underway. The Ministry of Health of Montenegro expresses great satisfaction with the benefits that both physicians and medical staff and patients have from the automation of the treatment process that Heliant Health provides.   […]

PC Press: Informatics helps in a Time of Crisis

  The main topic of the latest issue of PC Press, the most famous IT magazine in Serbia, addresses the issue of digital transformation of healthcare, which highlights the role of Heliant, which helped hospitals quickly adapt their information systems to the crisis and fight the covid-19 epidemic.   Vukašin Radulović from Heliant, in an […]

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development: Heliant helps save lives in Serbia

During the coronavirus epidemic, the company “Heliant” made the “Hermes Covid” platform available to healthcare facilities in Serbia for fast exchange of messages through medical systems in times of crisis, as stated on the website of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).   The EBRD writes that Heliant is the leading software provider […]

Heliant Information System at the Clinical Centre of Montenegro

  Heliant is currently implementing the health information system Heliant Health at the Clinical Centre of Montenegro in Podgorica, the largest healthcare institution in Montenegro and one of the largest in the region. The Clinical Centre of Montenegro, employing around 2,500 employees, covers about half of healthcare services rendered in Montenegro in total. It consists […]

Radulović at Kopaonik Business Forum: Information Revolution in Healthcare

  Kopaonik Business Forum, which gathered more than 1.400 participants from 1 – 4 March 2020 – businessmen, bankers and economists, Serbian government representatives, participants from the region and Europe – was largely dedicated to the Fourth Industrial Revolution (so-called Industry 4.0), in which the informatics, and/or IT sector played a very important role. The […]

  The Ministry of Health portal – eHealth – which enables the interaction of physicians and patients during the coronavirus epidemic, has also made physician-patient communication much faster and easier.   Physicians can directly access this portal through the Heliant Health information system, where patients can fill in a questionnaire by entering information on the […]

Moneo meets all our reporting needs

Vesna Gočanin, Head of Accounting Department at the Special Hospital for Internal Diseases in Vrnjačka Banja, highlights the benefits of Moneo, the financial software that facilitates the hospital operations at the moment when she is required to make more reports. Easy Customization “We launched Moneo in May this year. At the beginning, to tell you […]

Future of private healthcare in Serbia

The fifth general meeting of the Association of Private Healthcare Facilities of Serbia was held recently in the Belgrade Metropol Hotel. This Association, established in 2014, advocates that private healthcare facilities and private surgery offices should be an integral, functional part of the healthcare system in Serbia, in compliance with the highest professional and ethical […]

PHC Vrbas: We are very much pleased to work in Moneo

Marina Bjelica, Assistant Director for the Economic and Financial Affairs of the PHC Vrbas, said that they are very satisfied with the efficiency and security provided by the Moneo Information System. Integration with the healthcare system “We started to use Moneo in January 2012.  Before that, we used the Heliant health information system, with which […]

Improvement of PHC operations with Heliant Moneo

Vesna Lenov, Head of the Department for Economic and Financial Affairs of the Health Centre Zvezdara, talks about introducing Heliant’s accounting information system to this healthcare institution. Compatibility “Heliant Health” as a healthcare system, was implemented in the Health Center Zvezdara in 2009, while the accounting software Heliant Moneo was implemented in 2015”, says Vesna […]

MD Slobodan Prodanović: significant savings made with Heliant

“At the beginning, we used Heliant financial software Moneo for about two years, but we planned from the start to set up healthcare software that would include everything that we do in the hospital. Thus we had the entire Heliant Information System implemented, which really covered everything we were engaged in,” says Slobodan Prodanović MD, […]

Bel Medic: A Match Won

“We were the first to use the information system in our work”, says Jasmina Knežević MD, founder and director of Bel Medic. “We had had it several years before others in the private sector and practically ten years before the state sector started to implement it”. However, the company has grown and for the present […]

Heliant in Euromedik: We implemented the best information system

Ja sam inače prilično skeptičan prema svim tehničkim inovacijama i dugo sam se opirao uvođenju informacionog sistema. Euromedik je zato možda zadnja velika ustanova koja je uvela informacioni sistem. Ipak, mi smo na kraju uveli najbolji”, kaže dr Nenad Zlatarić, vlasnik Euromedika, jedne od najvećih i najuglednijih privatnih medicinskih ustanova u Srbiji.

New Heliant Web Portal

A new web portal of Heliant, the leader in the health information systems used by more than 250 private and state hospitals, clinics, healthcare centres, polyclinics, clinics, laboratories, pharmacies was launched today. Heliant software solutions are also used by the institutions which are not in the healthcare sector, such as municipal administrations and utility companies. […]

The implementation of Heliant Moneo was completed in a special hospital for internal diseases Vrnjacka Banja

The implementation of the business information system Heliant Moneo has been successfully completed in the special hospital for internal diseases Vrnjačka Banja. During June and July, our consultants carried out the data migration, initial setting up of the system and training of employees in human resources and accounting department, public procurement department, financial and inventory […]

Heliant Cloud – the best solution for small and medium outpatient facilities

Taking into account the needs of the increasing number of medical outpatient facilities with few employees, Heliant has developed a customized solution with the CLOUD service. With the use of the most advanced Internet technologies, access to software from multiple remote locations and multiple devices has been enabled – from a computer, tablet, or a […]

New Rulebook on VAT records

The Rulebook on the form, content and method of keeping VAT records and form and contents of the VAT tax assessment, published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia no. 90/2017 and 119/2017, came into effect on 1.7.2018. The application of the new Rulebook on VAT records and the review of the VAT […]

Infolab LIS also in the Primary Healthcare Facility Palilula

Belgrade Primary Healthcare Facility Palilula implemented Infolab Laboratory Information System last January. The Laboratory facilities of this Healthcare Facility are located in six locations and have 13 devices. More than 550 admitted samples are processed daily in the laboratory. The devices perform biochemistry, haematology, haemostasis, urine analyses.

Heliant Hedex

The Hedex service (Heliant Data Exchange), facilitating downloading and uploading of the codebook in Heliant, is under production. As soon as the new codebook is published, you will be notified of its existence, and with one click you can load it into Heliant, without the need to go to external sites. The supported codebooks are: […]

Euromedik and Heliant in Voždovac PHC

A new Primary Helathcare Centre (PHC) in Voždovac, which was opened in May, is fully in line with the famous Euromedik medical and business standards, which also include the use of Heliant software. The state-of-the-art information technology, which Heliant experts have applied in software specializing in healthcare, facilitate the physicians’ work and reduce patient waiting […]

Employee Training in Kruševac PHC

In June and July, employees of the Primary Healthcare Centre Kruševac were successfully trained by the Heliant experts to use an integrated health system. This renowned healthcare facility includes seven primary healthcare facilities in the town itself, as well as 27 outpatient facilities, so that it also provides treatments to residents of the villages 35 […]

Implementation of Infolab LIS in the PHC Prokuplje

Infolab Laboratory Information System was launched in the PHC Prokuplje in January this year. The PHC laboratory uses five devices that perform biochemistry, haematology, haemostasis, and urine tests. The Laboratory services are used by more than 110 patients on average every day.

Facilitated Work of Zrenjanin Hospital staff

In August, the employees of the Special Hospital for Pulmonary Diseases in Zrenjanin successfully completed the training in the use of Heliant Health Systems. The system is now used in all hospital wards containing 160 beds. Five teams of pulmologists work in the appropriate outpatient facilities within the dispensary ward, while patients with respiratory system […]

Ivanjica PHC uses Infolab LIS

The Infolab laboratory information system was started up in Ivanjica PHC last June. The laboratory uses five devices that process about 200 patient samples for different tests – biochemistry, haematology, haemostasis and urine tests.

Heliant software in the field of occupational medicine also in Ada

The new Heliant module in the field of occupational medicine was implemented at the new site of the Institute for Occupational Health of Egzakta Medika in Ada. Heliant has implemented its information systems and has met all the requirements set by this branch of medical practice in three healthcare facilities of Egzakta Medika – in […]

Infolab LIS in PHC Vračar

The Belgrade PHC Vračar has been using the Infolab Laboratory Information System since July 2018. The laboratory in this healthcare facility use four devices that perform biochemistry, haematology, haemostasis, and urine tests. Each day the laboratory processes more than 180 patient samples.

Health Certificates for Cruiser Staff

Considering an increased demand for health certificates required for being recruited by the international river and maritime companies – such as Thomson (Marelle), Regent or Oceania – Heliant added the functionalities for the candidates who desire such employment to its occupational medicine module. We have created a special health record for the candidates, adjusted to […]

Infolab LIS in PHC Požarevac

The Infolab laboratory information system was launched in the PHC Požarevac in January 2018. The laboratory facilities are located in three sites and used 14 devices. More than 250 patient samples are processed in this laboratory on a daily basis. The devices perform biochemistry, haematology, haemostasis and urine tests.

Bela Crkva Hospital Operation Facilitated

Special Hospital for Pulmonary Diseases “Dr Budisav Babić” in Bela Crkva is unique in Serbia – it treats not only tuberculosis and other lung diseases, but also psychiatric patients suffering from these diseases. Working with the information system has changed since the implementation of Heliant and now the entry of documentation on the services has […]

Software adjusted to the Special Hospital for Psychiatric Diseases in Vršac

The Special Hospital for Psychiatric Diseases is one of the largest psychiatric institutions in Serbia, with 900 hospital beds. Each month, more than 1.000 patients are examined in specialist outpatient facilities. The hospital service includes 15 departments, where various psychiatric disorders are treated. In addition to regular patients who are treated under the insurance scheme […]

Special Hospital for Pulmonary Diseases in Bela Crkva uses Infolab LIS

In August 2018, Infolab Laboratory Information System was commissioned in the Special Hospital for Pulmonary Diseases in Bela Crkva. The laboratory of this hospital has five devices that perform biochemical, haematology, haemostasis, urine sample testing. The laboratory services are used by 50 patients in average on a daily basis.

The Institute for Student Healthcare Services implemented Infolab LIS

The Institute for Student Healthcare in Novi Sad started it to use the Infolab Laboratory Information System in May 2018. The laboratory within this Institute has five devices and processes about 40 samples on a daily basis. Biochemical, haematology, haemostasis, urine tests are performed on these devices.

Unique Hotel and Hospital Information System

The Institute for Rehabilitation, located in Belgrade (17 Sokobanjska St.), Mladenovac (Selters) and Prčanj (Vrmac), operates a hospital and the hotel facility with 1.100 beds. Upon implementation of the information system in all three locations, the hotel reception desk was connected with hospital records, so that each change in any of these two systems is […]

Loznica General Hospital uses Infolab LIS

Infolab laboratory information system was commissioned in Loznica General Hospital in January. The General Hospital’s Laboratory uses five devices and processes more than 250 patient samples on a daily basis. Biochemical, haematology, haemostasis, urine tests are performed on these devices.