Outpatient Care

  • Medical staff can register a patient’s chosen physician in any health care facility department and see the list of patients who have already chosen a certain physician.
  • Medications are prescribed on the basis of the medication register issued by the authorized medication body. The electronic prescription contains the indications for a medication and important notes. The system enables medical staff to access previously prescribed medications and offers options to repeat chronic patients’ therapies and to print prescriptions either at once or one by one.
  • Requested sick leave is registered in the system with all the necessary data which can be printed on the required forms.
  • The system enables medical staff to keep record of preventive examinations and to create all the necessary documents about the history of conducted preventive examinations.
  • Electronic vaccination record contains a graphic view of the obligatory and recommended vaccinations. While prescribing vaccines or recording already given ones, medical staff can see the important clinical and epidemiology notes about the chosen vaccine.
  • The system displays patient risk factors and indicators of patient’s general condition.
  • Medical staff can easily enter data about medical interventions and record giving of prescribed ampoule medications during an examination.
  • The system offers screens adapted to the needs of surgery departments for a quicker and easier entering of medical data.
  • The system facilitates an optimised entering of data for specialists and supports cardiology diagnostic procedures.