Inpatient Care

  • The system enables admission and allocation of patients to a specific health care facility department, room and bed where a defined regime of care is to be provided.
  • In the procedure of discharging patients all previously entered data is automatically filled out. Medical staff can access a summary specification of the provided care and print the hospital discharge letters.
  • Disease history is printed in a law-defined form.
  • Medical staff can keep record of therapiey administrations.
  • Patients are easily transferred to other health care facility departments and medical staff can see the list of all the departments where a patient has previously been
  • Besides choosing a physician, choosing a health care facility department and making an appointment, the system enables choosing the type of consultations.
  • The system facilitates record keeping of all the participants in providing care to an inpatient.
  • The system enables access to all the necessary information about a birth procedure and the baby and also enables an automatic transfer of the baby to neonatology department.
  • Medical staff can schedule operations and keep record of paperwork and medical data about performed operations.
  • The system enables access to the anaesthetic drugs list and to anaesthetics record during an operation.
  • Material recorded during an operation or birth with all the medical documentation can be either accepted or rejected at the pathology department.
  • Medical staff can easily access temperature-therapeutic-dietary lists and vital signs flow sheets.