Connection with external systems

  • Connections via web services enable checks with health authorities:
    • Insurance status check
    • Current chosen physician check Reporting of malignant and infectious diseases
    • Sending a referral formicrobiology test and receiving results
    • Sending and receiving immunization data
  • Connection with the RIS-HL7 protocol enables making appointments, viewing medical results and accessing pictures in the electronic medical record. Medical staff can use a web viewer or a desktop application to access stored images.
  • Connection with the LIS-HL7 enables searching for laboratory analyses by choosing a group of tests and it also enables creating an electronic referral. Medical results are available in the electronic medical record after their verification in LIS.
  • The system facilitates connection with laboratory devices and receiving of results to be verified.
  • Connection with a call centre enables making appointments in a certain health care facility department and with a certain doctor.
  • Connection with Heliant Moneo enables establishing connections between pharmacies for the accounting purposes and entering working hours for each health care facility department.