Electronic medical record

  • Electronic medical record contains all relevant and available data about a patient.
  • The system enables medical staff to do a search of patients and electronic health item records by different criteria.
  • The system enables patients to make an appointment at the central hospital counter, by dialling a call centre or in any health care facility department. Scheduling system unifies appointment data from all sources and makes it available to medical staff.
  • Data on established diagnoses can be entered and displayed in the form of codes from the ICD-10 or other classifications. Medical staff has access to patient’s diagnosis and chronic disease histories.
  • Therapies are prescribed on the basis of the medication code list together with the indications for a medication and its influences on the diagnosed disease.
  • Medical staff can enter medical data about examinations both provided to inpatients and outpatients. The system offers many adapting functions in this process.
  • The system facilitates generating and printing of various documents, on the basis of previously entered data, and offers advanced formatting options for printing.
  • Medical staff can create electronic referrals to a department within the health care institution or to another health care institution and they can access all the previously issued referrals.
  • The system enables the input of/entering laboratory analysis results and offers access to previous analyses results.
  • Electronic dental record contains the graphic view of teeth condition and the history of performed interventions.
  • The system enables automatic protocol keeping and its printing in a law-defined form.
  • Medical staff can easily and efficiently record medical services and the ways patients pay for them.
  • The system enables record keeping of medical services provided and material used and gives advanced options of creating sets, predefined values and their automatic recognition and copying.