Receipt of the results from devices and verification

  • Possibility of defining default values during manual data input (urine tests);
  • Possibility of defining reference ranges based on sex, age, analyser showing the results;
  • Automatic recording of flags based on the defined reference ranges;
  • Complete integration of all laboratories for the analyses, operating within the User’s healthcare network and sampling sites, in such a manner that they become completely independent phases of the receipt and issuance of the results against the site where samples are processed;
  • Facilitating distribution and taking over of the results through the network of various protagonists participating in the process of prescribing and providing services;
  • Showing the history of results changes per referral for each analysis;
  • Verification and de-verification of results (per analysis, per group of analyses, per referral form in total);
  • Possibility of the automatic completion of the referral (if all groups are verified);
  • Possibility of delayed sending of verified results (1, 3, 5, 15, 30 minutes, …);
  • Setting displays per user account (each user may adjust the display of the individual parts of the system);